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Bridestowe Accommadation - Dartmoor

A lovely ancient village to visit from your Accommodation, Bridestowe in West Devon England, it has been famous in history, right back to the bronze age B.C. In previous times, the main trunk road from London to Penzance passed through the centre of the village. It is interesting to note that an old nissan hut that General Eisenhower signed some important papers in, became the old hall. The village name is pronounced 'Bridd-is-tow' and not 'Brides-towe' No one it seems is able to answer the question... why?. It appears that the first part comes from the famous Irish Saint 'St. Bridget' to whom the parish church is dedicated, and stow usually attests to a church of ancient origin. It comes from the early days of Christianity, meaning 'holy place'
Many different spellings have appeared over the centuries, 'Bridestowe', Brydestou', 'Byrightstowe', 'Brithtestawe', 'Briztesowe' 'Breddestawe' to name but a few. The settlement can be traced back to the Bronze Age. It is mentioned in the 'Domesday Book' that in 1086 the village consisted of 20 farms, and a church. Today is has exploded to comprise over 500 residents and includes several areas within its boundaries.

From Bearslake Inn Accommodation Bridestowe is a 30 min walk.

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