Bearslake Inn - Accommodation Lake Sourton

Lake Sourton

Lake Sourton Accommadation - Dartmoor

Lake; best described as a small hamlet nestling to the West of Deep Valley on the North West fringe of the Dartmoor National Park, consisting of one farm, three houses and Bearslake Inn, Restaurant and Accommodation. Total population 16.

If you are travelling along the A386 you could easily blink and miss it all together but if you do manage to stop and take in the scenery around us you will not be disappointed.

Lake and the surrounding area is predominately farm land and National Park. At one time everyone who lived here would have been involved in the farming industry, a combination of arable and livestock.

The name Lake is reputed to come from the time of the English Civil War. The Battle of Sourton Down was fought on a wet April night in 1642. The Roundheads dealt the Royalists a bitter blow as they retreated toward Bridestowe and reputedly so many men were killed that the area ran like a lake of blood; hence Lake.

Accommodation in Lake Sourton