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Walking on Dartmoor

Walking Accommodation on Dartmoor

From our back garden or our accommodation you can literally walk straight out into deepest Dartmoor. The walks you can do are numerous and range from the very easy to a full out yomp; the choice is yours.

Walking on Dartmoor is a real pleasure, staying in walking accommodation on Dartmoor just adds to the pleasure. The scenery is breath taking, and so are a few of the hills but the view when you get to the top is worth every bit of the effort it takes to get there.

Over the coming months we are planning to write down some of the many walks you can take from our accommodation. In the meantime start off by following the track at the top of the car park east toward the moor. This will lead you along a delightful path by a stream to a disused railway viaduct. You can walk up onto the viaduct and enjoy a glorious view (takes 15 minutes, no longer) or walk under the viaduct, through the gate and up onto Sourton Common. From here the options are numerous. We are happy to supply a packed lunch if you require and we have OS maps and a compass you can borrow if you need them.

Walking Pub Dartmoor

If you search on Google for walking on Dartmoor you will find numerous websites with suggested walks and guided tours. There is so much to choose from we won't repeat it here.

If you would like an additional challenge for your walk you could join the many hundreds of people who like to find the Dartmoor Letterboxes (check out the link below) and you can start with us, as Bearslake Inn is an official letterbox.
Dartmoor Letterboxes

Finally a quick word on safety; don't treat the moor lightly, the weather can change very quickly and you need to be prepared, proper boots and clothing, map (OL28 for our part of the moor), compass, food and water and if you are heading off into the moor, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

Dartmoor National Park Authority, 01626 832093
High Moorland Visitor Centre, Princetown, 01822 890414
Letterbox 100 Club, 01392 832768

For further information on walking on Dartmoor from your Accommodation please talk to us