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Booking Essential

Every Wednesday in August


In case of an emergency


Bearslake Inn is protected by a fire alarm system. Should you hear the alarm, please leave the building IMMEDIATELY.

Please do not stop to collect personal belongings as this may endanger yourselves and others around you. Fire assembly points can be found at the top of the garden and by the front gate to the car park. Please assemble at your nearest location and await further instruction. You should not re-enter the building until told it is safe by the fire officer in charge.

If you discover a fire during your stay at Bearslake Inn please alert us and fellow guests by pressing your nearest emergency fire alarm.


To help us keep the risk of fire to a minimum we ask that you do not smoke within the rooms or building and use the dedicated outside spaces only. Please do not connect any untested electrical devises into our sockets and to avoid any false alarms please do not Vape or use electronic cigarettes in your rooms either (false alarms may result in additional charges to your room account in accordance with our booking terms and conditions).

Emergency contact numbers

Direct line to owners:                                              07917270178 (emergency use only)


  • NHS non-emergency                                         111

  • Okehampton Medical centre                            01837 52233

  • Okehampton Community Hospital                  01837 658000



  • MyDentist, Okehampton                                  01837 52745



  • Okeford Veterinary Centre, Okehampton      01837 52148

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