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Your room is equipped with a landline telephone for your use. Calls to rooms and to service points within the Inn are free of charge but calls to external numbers (landline and mobile) will be charged at BT’s standard call charge plus a 10% administration fee +VAT at the current rate.


Bar and reception numbers are dialled by using the pre-set labelled buttons, on your room phone.  Please note there is a Night Emergency button on your telephone. (to avoid additional charges to your room account; the night emergency button should be only used in dire emergencies and not for routine service calls)


To call other rooms within the Inn please follow our user guide below.


Room name                    Room number                 Extension

Cider press                                         1                                                          101

Longhouse suite                                 2                                                          102

Roost                                                   3                                                          103

Saddle room                                      4                                                          104

Garden room                                     5                                                          105

Hayloft                                               6                                                          106



Opening Hours 


Bearslake Inn

Lake, Sourton,



EX20 4HQ


Closed until further notice


Closed until further notice



Closed until further notice


Seasonal Offers

Tel: 01837 861 334


Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic and changing of  Tiers, opening hours may be subject to last minute changes.  We encourage you to make table reservations at least 24 hours in advance to avoid disappointment. Please check our social media which is always up to date with current changes or give us a call.

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